Vivek R Sinha
Wildlife Photographer, Conservationist and Author

A.P.J. Abdul Kalam
(Ex President of India)
            “Shri Sinha’s interest in wildlife photography and natural environment is in his blood. It has been a passion for many years, and I have had the privilege of witnessing the various phases of his dedication to wildlife. Smt. Sinha’s companionship of her husband is commendable and deserves kudos.”

George Schaller, considered as the greatest naturalist of the 20th century, author of a large number of books on wildlife, and Director of the Wildlife Conservation Society, USA.

“It is difficult to get photos of tigers doing anything more than sleeping or walking, and my congratulations on your patience and being at the right pace at the right time.”

Stephen Alter, author of a number of books, and writer in residence, Massachusettes Institute of Technology, USA.

“Having seen your wonderful photographs in several publications, I am interested in the possibility of using one or more in my book, ‘Elephas maximus, a biography of Indian Elephants.”

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