Vivek R Sinha
Wildlife Photographer, Conservationist and Author

J.C. Daniel, Journal Editor, Bombay Natural History Society, 97(2), August 2000

“Vivek Sinha, an internationally acknowledged wildlife photographer, lives in India and has dedicated the last two decades of his life to photographing the tiger in the wild. His wife, Arati, has been his constant companion and partner in his favourite occupation. They have visited almost all the major parks and sanctuaries in India many times over.
For several years now, any high quality wildlife photographs published in journals and books in India is likely to be the work of Vivek Sinha, retired bureaucrat, aeronautics engineer and wildlife photographer par excellence. The husband and wife team of  Vivek and Arati Sinha are commited conservationists, whose photographs speak eloquently of India’s wildlife.”

Khushwant Singh, celebrated author and columnist of India, August 20, 1988.

“Last year I happened to visit the Nagarhole Wildlife Sanctuary in Karnataka. Late in the evening I was driven in a jeep through a dense forest to ponds where wild elephants were known to assemble before retiring for the night. It began to drizzle and day-night gave way to twilight. The jeep’s headlights caught herds of gaur and deer. A bear ambled across our path. It was eerie. I was most reluctant to step out of the jeep.

Suddenly we came across another jeep standing in the jungle. Besides the driver, its only occupants were a middle-aged man and a lady both with cameras slung across their shoulders. We pulled up alongside and introduced ourselves. They were Vivek Sinha, and his wife, Arati, I didn’t see them again as they spent most of the night in the forest taking photographs and disappeared early next morning.”
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