Vivek R Sinha
Wildlife Photographer, Conservationist and Author

Asad R Rahmani, Director, Bombay Natual History Society

Vivek R. Sinha is a passionate person - passionate about tigers and other wildlife….His passion has taken him and his wife, Arati, to almost all corners of India in pursuit of wildlife. He is a photographer par excellence, and specialises in tiger pictures.

Bittu Sahgal, the eminent conservationist and Editor of the well-known wildlife magazine, Sanctuary Asia.

“Over the years Sanctuary has had the pleasure and privilege of introducing its readers to some of India’s finest, most dedicated wildlife photographers. … The images reproduced in the pages that follow have been captured on film by one such individual - Vivek Sinha – who together with his wife Arati, has made tramping the wild their life’s purpose. As will be seen their motivation extends beyond mere aesthetics or technical perfection. Placing ‘timing’ high on their agenda they are able to produce astonishing results to record behavioural moments on film that most naturalists consider themselves fortunate to observe for even one brief shining moment in the wild.”

Gary Moore, Naturalist Program Coordinator, Metro Park, Columbus, Ohio, USA September 13, 1990

Please accept our very sincere appreciation for your outstanding slide/lecture productions at Inniswood Metro Gardens, Columbus, Ohio USA.
The photography was superb and your narration added humor, insight and understanding of the crises, triumphs and remaining challenges regarding wildlife preservation in your native India.

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