Vivek R Sinha
Wildlife Photographer, Conservationist and Author

1. “I was most pleasantly surprised and delighted to receive your tiger book. The photographs are marvelous, and reading the evocative text brought back many pleasant memories…I wish you many more happy days with wildlife.”
George Schaller, Science Director for International Programs, Wildlife
Conservation Society and author of “The DEER and the TIGER”.


2. “The book is lovely and the adventures it recounts genuinely exciting. It all makes me wish I were in the jungle instead of this noisy crowded place.
Geoffrey C. Ward, author of “Making ROOM for Wild Tigers”, National
Geographic, December 1997 and author of the book “The Tiger Wallas”.

3. “Wonderful Book”
Thank you very very much for sending a copy of your excellent book which I have already almost finished reading. I liked the cover design very much. I am sure your book will sell well…We will also like to review it in Hornbill or Journal.”
Dr. Asad R. Rahmani Director, Bombay Natural History Society (BNHS)
4. “For several years now, any high quality wildlife photograph published in journals and books in India is likely to be the work of Vivek Sinha, retired bureaucrat, aeronautics engineer and wildlife photographer par excellence. The husband and wife team of Vivek and Arati Sinha are committed conservationists, whose photographs speak eloquently of India’s wildlife.

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