Vivek R Sinha
Wildlife Photographer, Conservationist and Author

The scoring factor, however, are the photographs, excellent pictures taken in hazardous    situations. In one picture, of a python regurgitating its deer prey, you can actually see the saliva gleaming on its tongue”.
          The Times Of India, Bangalore
              Saturday, October 2, 1999.


8. “Leaves from the diary of an aeronautical engineer with a passion for adventure and      wildlife photography.
  Stunning pictures.”
               India Today, November 1, 1999


 9. “…a pictorial safari through the forests he covered across the country, replete with evocative anecdotes and unforgettable incidents that play back his adventurous career. A book that captures the fascinating moods of tiger, charging elephants and breath-catching horrible beauty of a python regurgitating a deer! …
             The New Indian Express, October 30 1999


 10. “ Sinha’s contribution lies in the authenticity of his descriptions of animal behaviour, an    authenticity born out of deep interest and long treks in the forest; and in competent photography made remarkable by his ability to capture the immediacy of moments in nature that would otherwise have remained undocumented.”
                  Frontline  January 7, 2000

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