Vivek R Sinha
Wildlife Photographer, Conservationist and Author

3. Bikram Grewal

I just bought a copy of your new book on Tigers and It is truly brilliant. I spent all of the first day of the new year reading it. I have ordered several copies and will send them to Sumit Sen and others who photograph wildlife as a benchmark for wildlife photography.

More power to you and your camera.


4. Stephen Alter
Massachusettes Institute of Technology, USA
Author of 12 books including the latest “elephas maximus – A Portrait of the Indian Elephant.

…. I read the piece on you and your wife in the Deccan Herald -- very nice. I envy you the time you spend in National Parks and Sanctuaries. The Khushwant Singh piece is also great, …

A few weeks ago I sent a copy of your book to a close friend of mine, John Coapman, who is a former hunter and naturalist. He started Tiger Tops Resort in Nepal and has spent most of his life in India, though he now lives in Florida. John asked me to tell you that he was very impressed with the photographs and said they were the best shots he's seen of tigers in the wild. I'm sure you've heard that already from others.

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