Vivek R Sinha
Wildlife Photographer, Conservationist and Author

5. From Khushwant Singh

The eminent columnist and Author of a large number of best sellers
……..Three years ago his The Tiger Is A Gentleman was published. I was enchanted by his pictures and the encounters he had with those ferocious rulers of the jungle. Recently, he has come out with another book The Vanishing Tiger : Wild Tigers Co-predators and Prey Species (Salamander). As the title claims, besides tigers, it has photographs of leopards, hyenas, wild dogs, foxes, variety of deer, a python and lots of birds. The pictures are spectacular and show animals and birds living in total freedom in their habitats. I haven’t seen any better.
THIS ABOVE ALL, April 10, 2004


6. Editorial Reviews
From Booklist, USA

For the serious wildlife viewer, a trip on elephant-back to locate and photograph India's tigers is probably second only to a visit to the plains of East Africa. These enormous cats are larger than lions and more endangered--there are probably barely 6,000 wild tigers left, 60 percent of which reside in India. Sinha produces a wonderful photographic record, taking the reader along as he records the Bengal tiger in the wild. Having visited nearly all of the tiger reserves, Sinha has observed and documented tigers in a wide range of habitats, though the book concentrates mostly on the more familiar dry forests of central India. Marvelous close-up views of tigers playing with their cubs, washing their feet, yawning, or snarling at the photographer mix with Sinha's anecdotal text. The other portions of the book focus on the smaller predators, including leopards, hyenas, wolves,

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